Maternity Leave

When you go onto reduced pay, due to maternity Leave, we can suspend your CWU subscriptions and the Union will cover your membership until your return.
The company does not let us know this so in order to protect your membership and stop paying whilst on reduced pay, please  let us know, before you commence maternity leave :-
  • The date you start maternity leave
  • The date your pay will be reduced
  • Your anticipated return to work date


As soon as we know these we can advise our Head Office to suspend your payments.
The Branch then notes your records and keep your membership current until your return, so you will be able still to contact us if necessary and use any of our services.
Also if you reduce your hours when you return please remember to let us know as your subscriptions could also reduce. The company does not inform us of any changes to contract, home addresses etc so it is important that you let us know change of hours as we are unable to backdate payments.