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BT Customerstreet

We would like to welcome our BT Customerstreet Members to the Branch.
Our Branch Secretary Dave Hill who is Lancaster based will be happy to deal with any enquiries you may have.

To Request a Membership Pack to Join the CWU
Please copy & email the following information to: 

Title: (Mr/Ms/Mrs)

First Name:
Last Name:
Full Address:

Post Code:

Home Telephone Number:
Mobile Telephone Number:
Home Email Address:
Work Telephone Number:
Work Email Address:
Preferred Email Address:

Employer: BT Customerstreet
Workplace: Lancaster
Are you a Full Time or Part Time Worker:
How many hours a week do you work:

Performance & Sick Absence Management in BT

A CWU Motion raised by Manchester Clerical Branchresults in the TUC's General Secretary, Brendan Barber writing a letter to Michael Gove, The Education secretary and a news feature in the Observer Newspaper CLICK HERE to read more




0161 865 2820

We are on 

Please notify the Branch if you have changed your Home or Work Address, Contact Details, Working Hours or if going on Maternity Leave.

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