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CWU Learn

A New year is always a great incentive to try or do the things you've often planned or thought of

 ....... That's where our Union Learning Reps (ULR's) can help! 

Maybe you received a new Mobile Phone or Digital Camera for Christmas - We can help you get the most out of using your new gadget!

Improve your English or Maths, Learn the new terminology used in Schools to help your kids with their Homework, finally learn to play that musical instrument you shoved in the loft or master that foreign language for your holidays! Do Computers scare you? Then try out our Computing for the Terrified course!

CWU ULR's we can help you Learn about the things that interest you!

Learning can be delivered in many ways; at a CWU learning centre, at a college, library or club, online, by correspondence, CD-ROM, Mp3, Smartphone or even on TV. Our Union Learning Reps are trained to assist members find out the best options available and to give impartial and confidential information and advice

CWU have a number of partnership agreements with local colleges that enables us to offer a wide range of courses, mostly free, to all our members. If you are interested in taking a course Please contact our ULR's via email:

To the CWU, Lifelong Learning is about our members having the opportunity to learn what they want, at a time and place that suits them and at the best possible cost. Lifelong Learning can range from improving your English, maths or computer skills, through to taking a degree and beyond. It may lead to a qualification or just be for the benefit of learning a new skill or subject. It could help you to progress at work, help your children with school work or develop your skills or hobbies.