Report from Graham Wilson

I attended the TUC March and Rally against the Coalition Government’s cuts agenda.

To say it was massive is an understatement. The small group I travelled with were dropped of the coach near Hyde Park and decided walk through the park then to the Embankment to join the march proper. 

We had some students with us and were joined by others till about 100 of us, carrying our new banner and chanting for all we were worth made a spectacle of ourselves through Hyde Park and, with a friendly police escort, past Buck House and down The Mall. 

We joined the main march among about 10,000 Unison members (my! they must have some cash) and walked along Regent St and Oxford St back into Hyde Park where we arrived at about 1-00pm. 

We heard speeches from Brendan Barbour, Ed Milliband, Len McClusky, Tony Robinson and many others including a very impressive physiotherapist who spoke more passionately than anyone about how the cuts are affecting and will affect the NHS.

By 3-45pm it was time to make our way back to our coach and still the marchers were arriving at Hyde Park. I hear some did not set off till about that time. The scale of the whole event was enormous and unimaginable. Got home at 11-45 at the end of a very satisfying 19hour day.