Member Services

As well as benefiting from joint representation on workplace terms and conditions, and personal representation for discipline and related matters, membership of the CWU offers many additional benefits.. 

Legal services
The Branch's solicitors can provide free legal advice, handle your personal injury/accident claims, and more. 

Financial services
CWU Health cash plan, insurance, credit cards CLICK HERE for the latest CWU Member Services 

Discount schemes
A wide variety of money-saving offers including electrical goods, home energy and travel. Request an information pack or CLICK HERE for further details

CWU Death Benefit
In accordance with the terms expressed in CWU Rule 4.1.11 Branches are advised that from the 1st October 2008 the CWU Death Benefit payment will be increased to £653

Did you know that you can retain your union membership? YES! For a reduced rate of only £6.95 you can remain a member of the CWU under our portability scheme. You will be entitled to personal representation and advice on any work-related or employment issue, free legal advice and 24-hour accident cover. You will also be entitled to all the other discounts and financial packages that members currently enjoy.

For further details, please contact The Branch Office.

If you are retiring you can still maintain your Union Membership, Please check out the Retired Members Page for further details.