Briefing for CWU members in O2


No 0823 February2012



Dear Colleague,


O2 Pay Review 2012 - Offers Rejected


Further to CWU pay briefings 03.12, 04.12 and 05.12 discussions are continuing with management on the 2012 pay review.


During these discussions I can report that an initial offer of 1.5% has been rejected outright by the National Team as this falls far short of our member’s aspirations.


A further offer of broadly 2.0% across the board was then tabled which management stated is a significant step in balancing their need to be prudent on pay, whilst meeting the needs of their employees.


Along with the 2.0% an offer of a 2 year deal has been made as management believe this would be in the best interest of the business as well as alleviate any uncertainty for the employees for 2013.


The CWU have also robustly rejected this offer as we stated that Telefónica UK have delivered year-on-year increases in profits and performance and that they are in a strong market position.  


This profit and performance have been achieved primarily due to the efforts of our members and that they deserve a pay increase that adequately recognizes and rewards their contribution.  


On the issue of the 2 year pay deal the CWU have responded by stating that we have major reservations on entering into a multi-year pay deal as feedback from our members does not concur with themanagement view and they believe they have not been best served in the past by agreeing to a 2 year deal which resulted in a below inflation pay increase and had costly strings attached.


Discussions are ongoing and are now focused particularly on the end of year results which are due out on the 24 February.


We will continue to keep you updated as developments occur.


If you have any questions contact details of your local representative can be found along with all O2Newsletters on


.Yours sincerely

Sally Bridge

CWU Assistant Secretary